• Jessica brings a lot to the microphone. Talented, energetic and directable, she knows what creative people want because she’s a creative professional herself. And her smile and personality are so charming, I dare you to be glum in her presence. No, seriously. You can’t do it.

    Chris LinkePRC Digital Media
  • Over the years, I would say that some of my most amusing and enjoyable sessions as an engineer have been with Jessica. Always a delight to work with her! From a voice standpoint, I think that her range (girl-next-door to quirky) and interpretive ability would be a boon to any number of projects. A complete joy across the board!

    Studio Center
  • I’ve worked with Jessica on several large-scale projects, and have never met anyone with her perfect mix of passion, vision and individuality. As a producer, I’ve relied on her to orchestrate complex film shoots from the planning stages through final edit lock. She never settles and is always looking to push the boundaries and take the project to the next level. Each project Jessica has led has turned out to be so much more when it gets delivered – photo shoots, video shoots, animation, even producing on-site events.¬†Additionally, as a voice talent she never ceases to disappoint with an incredible range of characters and voices. Her inventiveness is impressive!

    Dayton Demmery
  • To work with squeak is a blessing to the team because she commits to putting her whole self into the project. No matter if she is planning a reception or a reunion she seeks out the insight of others, considers the smallest details and then on the day of the event the event is seamless with everyone enjoying themselves. I have known Squeak before she was Squeak. Squeak was a nickname that only seemed fitting when her voice walks into ones life. Once you get past the initial attention grabbing squeak you will be able to understand or at least be amazed at how a voice that is at a high octave is so full of life, range and talent. I am never surprised that Squeak is willing and able to sing with the sapranos one moment and reach down to sing about the King’s blue swede shoes and manage to stay on key. I have realized that the “Squeak” is not just another high pitch voice but rather a talent that the world should discover.

    Jared Hammond